DAEYANG lnc. is working with the world net distributors to protect you and your precious business. With the 30 years of accumulated experience in developing, manufacturing, and exporting PE nets to over 30 nations in the world, we ensure you the high-performance technical nets for many agricultural and other industrial applications.

All of our manufacturing facilities have achieved ISO 9001 certification, assuring world-class quality. DAEYANG, with the annual production capacity of 6000 tons, manufactures a broad range of polyethylene treated fabrics for a list of industrial applications. Typical applications include mono and film shade nets for agriculture and horticulture, debris nets for building, and other multitask PE nets for various applications.
These nets are made to handle the harshest environment in the world and have unsurpassed UV stability. Our UV treatment technology is world class and ensures a high level of adhesion and product integrity.
We strive to adapt our business operations to provide enduring and quality net solutions.
Light is one of the most important factors in plant growth. Without it plants are unable to carry out the process of photosynthesis by which they produce their food. The amount of light that falls on a plant depends on the angles and the density of any tree foliage growing over it.
Thanks to the invention of shade net, we can control the density of light and shade that falls on plants. Just as with people, it is the UV light that burns. Without having much effect on the wavelength required for growth, shade nets rather significantly affect the UV light transmitted.
Excessive exposure to the sunrays also constitutes one of the greatest risk factors to your corps. Failures to take the right precautions can result in damaged crops and severe financial losses.
Shade nets are designed to act as a physical barrier to ultraviolet radiation. The amount of transmission depends on the amount of UVR that is absorbed by the net. The shade nets, however, are to be carefully selected with the awareness for the factors that can affect the performance of shade nets for your particular type of business. The combinations of weave, color, tension, and the quality control of UV stabiliztion could easily vary the ultraviolet protection factor or the amount of light transmissin.
In a poor quality shade net, the measured Ultraviolet Protection Factor could vary as much as 30 to 40% at different parts in the same piece of the material. The technological advances in production of shade nets and sophisticated quality assurance systems at DAEYANG promise you the shading rate qppropriate for your particular demand, available from 25 to 95%, with many advantages over traditional materials including light weight, ease of handing, and durability.
DAEYANG also manufactures a broad range of protection nets.
The company's substantial product range includes windbreak, fence, olive, anti-hail and insect nets for the intensive cultivation of high-turnover and fast-growing crops and flowers, with the scaffolding nets designed to control the construction sites against debris and prevent a fall of pieces or rubble the building ground that may result in property damage and personal injury. The broad scope and quality of the Company's products in global markets reflect the very foundatiion of DAEYANG and its potential. Experience our overall competitiveness in the products and manufacturing system constantly being innovated and customized to meet your particular needs and requirements.